Better Soil-Better Plants

BioRoc is an all natural soil additive formulated to add nutrients and minerals in a plant usable form, making better plants.

The BioRoc Facility & Process

BioRoc can provide various services and products to help its commercial customers in the agriculture and plant nutrition sectors. Here are some ways BioRoc might serve its commercial clients:

Advanced Fertilizers: BioRoc may offer specialized and advanced fertilizers tailored to specific crops and soil types. These fertilizers could be designed to improve nutrient uptake, enhance crop yields, and promote overall plant health.

Soil Testing and Analysis: BioRoc can provide soil testing and analysis services to commercial customers. By analyzing soil samples, BioRoc can determine nutrient deficiencies and recommend appropriate fertilization strategies to optimize crop growth.

Customized Nutrient Management Plans: Based on the soil analysis results, BioRoc might develop customized nutrient management plans for commercial clients. These plans would outline the precise amounts and timing of fertilizer applications to maximize crop productivity.

Crop-Specific Solutions: BioRoc could offer specialized nutrition solutions tailored to different crops and their growth stages. Each crop may have specific nutrient requirements, and BioRoc can provide targeted solutions to address these needs.

Technology and Innovation: BioRoc may invest in research and development to create innovative plant nutrition technologies. These advancements could include controlled-release fertilizers, biostimulants, and other cutting-edge products to improve plant performance.

Education and Training: To ensure successful implementation of their products and services, BioRoc might offer training and educational programs for commercial clients. This could include workshops on proper fertilizer application techniques and best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact: BioRoc could focus on sustainable agriculture practices, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of commercial farming. This might involve promoting responsible nutrient management, minimizing nutrient runoff, and advocating for eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Support and Consultation: BioRoc can provide ongoing support and consultation to its commercial customers. This might include troubleshooting, addressing specific challenges, and adapting nutrient management plans as needed.

By offering a comprehensive range of services and innovative products, BioRoc can help its commercial customers improve crop yields, enhance the quality of their produce, and contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

BioRoc a Natural Choice

Natural fertilizers, as opposed to synthetic ones, offer several benefits that make them better for the environment, our health, and food security. Here are some reasons why:

Environmentally friendly: Natural fertilizers are made from natural sources, such as manure, compost, bone meal, or blood meal, and are usually less chemically processed than synthetic fertilizers. They do not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides that can damage soil structure, reduce biodiversity, and contaminate waterways. They also do not contribute to the accumulation of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide, that are associated with climate change.

Promote soil health: Natural fertilizers add organic matter and essential nutrients to the soil, improving soil health, structure, and water-holding capacity. They also help to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, which can improve soil fertility, reduce erosion, and enhance plant growth. In contrast, synthetic fertilizers can deplete soil nutrients, alter soil pH, and reduce soil biodiversity over time.

Safer for human health: Natural fertilizers pose less risk to human health than synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers contain chemicals that can cause respiratory, skin, and eye irritation, and may increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. In addition, synthetic fertilizers can accumulate in food crops, potentially exposing consumers to harmful residues. Natural fertilizers are generally safer to handle, apply, and consume.

Sustainable food production: Natural fertilizers support sustainable food production by reducing reliance on synthetic inputs and promoting organic farming practices. They can enhance crop yields and quality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts. Moreover, natural fertilizers can improve food security by promoting local food production, reducing dependence on costly imported fertilizers, and improving soil resilience to droughts and other climate-related events.

In summary, natural fertilizers offer several benefits that make them a better choice for the environment, human health, and sustainable food production. By using natural fertilizers, we can improve soil health, reduce environmental impacts, and promote food security while safeguarding our health and that of future generations.

Garden Home Use

Innovative Natural Solutions for Your Home Garden

Our cutting-edge soil additives solutions are designed to nourish your garden with essential nutrients and restore your soil for bountiful harvests that last for years.

Our primary objective is to assist gardeners in reducing or eliminating their reliance on synthetic fertilizers. Our proprietary approach yields three vital components that naturally revitalize the soil, promoting healthier growth:

Better Soil Better Plants

Using All Natural Materials and Processes

Choose Your Formula

A formula for your Crop or Garden Plants

Easy Application

Large or Small Application Made Easy

Waste Disposal

ReUse of Bio Waste

Certified Experts

Years of Experience

Garden Use

Natural Results for Your Home Growing Needs

Commercial Use

Revolutionize your crop production with our cutting-edge fertilizer solutions, designed to provide your crops with the necessary nutrients for a bountiful yield year after year, all while replenishing your soil. We understand the importance of reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers in farming, which is why our main objective is to assist farm owners in this endeavor. Our process yields three essential components that naturally recharge the soil, resulting in custom blends like Nut Blend, Vineyard Blend, Turf Blend, and Hemp Blend. With our tailored blends, you can achieve maximum crop productivity while minimizing the use of harmful synthetic fertilizers.

Why Choose Us

Why using all natural but effective soil additives is better for the environment and the food we consume? Our ingredients are 100% natural.


Basic Natural Raw Materials.

Know How

Materials combined and blended with expertise.

Small Footprint

Material re-use allows our footprint to be smaller than chemical soil additives.

Packaging & Shipping

No Nonsense packaging with efficient shipping.

All Natural BioChar
Natural Rock Powder Base

What Some of Our Clients Say

Customers get positive results with minimal impact on the environment.

As a beginner, BioRoc’s out-of-the-box solution took the guesswork out of what my plants need, and now my garden is now the envy of the neighborhood – Alex Feldman
The soil analysis and custom blend options offered by Plant Nutrition Technologies Inc. have revolutionized our farming practices. By precisely identifying the nutrient imbalances in our soil, Plant Nutrition Technologies created a custom blend that meets our crops' exact requirements. This personalized approach has led to exceptional results, and our farm's productivity has significantly improved as a result – Commercial Farming
We're always on the lookout for products that can help us optimize our farming practices. BioRoc has impressed us with its ability to enhance plant growth and vigor. Our crops have been thriving, and we couldn't be happier with the positive effects it has had on our operation – Commercial Farm
I wanted to reduce my garden's environmental footprint, and using BioRoc has been a step in the right direction. The results speak for themselves - my plants are thriving, and I've noticed an increase in local animals visiting. The Hummingbirds are back! I'm glad I found an affordable product that aligns with my values. – Igor Milgram
Better Soil Better Plants

Questions & Answers

Basic and frequent questions from our customers.

Our all natural approach keeps things simple, ingredients blended to get results.

BioRoc can be used on most if not all garden and yard plants. Of course some plants have better results and we will introduce other BioRoc blends in the future.

BioRoc is a simple blend of all natural ingredients, very safe to use. General safety practices are advised.

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